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Chanel-Inspired Swatch


What do you get when you mix the following component yarns together?

Phildar Building Blocks: Clapotis, Eponge and Sunset

Something that looks like this:

Chanel-Inspired Swatch

Which, when you get very up close and personal, looks like this:

Chanel-Inspired Close-up

I know that I really need to get farther on Liberty before I get started on this project, but I just couldn't resist seeing what this yarn would look like when all knit up. The general texture is very similar to a project Becky just finished -- albeit in radically different colors. I like this swatch in small form, but I am still trying to get my mind around what it might look in the large scale of a sweater. One good omen, and a definite first for me for a Phildar experience: I got gauge on the recommended size needles. I've had to go up several sizes on my previous projects.

The French Confection


Remember what I was saying not too long ago about being frugal about buying yarn before MS&W?

I lied.

Get a load of this:

A French Confection: Phil Eponge, Clapotis and Sunset

Talk about French cotton candy for the knitter's soul. I'm particularly smitten with the Clapotis.

Clapotis Texture

This yarn has a texture that is a combination between a soft vellum paper and a fine cotton. It makes me think of the edges of frilly lettuce leaves. And it's just as pretty in the singular as in the aggregate.

A Strand of Clapotis

What is this yarn going to be? Why a Chanel-Inspired Jacket, of course! The pattern is still available for free from Phildar. And the best part? The pattern calls for 5.5 mm needles. Should be a fun, quick knit, assuming I can work my way through the French translation. A big shout out to Becky for helping this yarn get to my door.

Blog of the Day
In honor of the lovely goodies that I'm showing off today, Becky, that wonderful whack dancing rabbit woman in Lyon, France is my link for the day. She's single handedly helped me develop my addiction to Phildar yarns and patterns. She's also responsible for helping us all find our way to Sleeve Island and making sure that the cabana boy's liquor cabinet is well stocked with those things necessary for fixing margaritas. Not only that, but she's also just done a nice re-design of her blog template that you should all go and take a look at.