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A French Confection


It a pink confection, coming to life:

The Back of the Lotus Clapotis Pull

Gotta love size 10-1/2 needles and big yarn sometimes. It can make a girl feel like she's accomplishing something.

Phildar Clapotis

Phildar Clapotis Swatches, Colourway Lotus

Sometimes what you buy yarn for and what it ends up becoming are two very different things. This Phildar Clapotis was supposed to be one of three components in a project, dubbed by Phildar, to be a "Chanel-Inspired Jacket". Yet when I did the swatch for this project (shown bottom center in the photo), something just didn't grab me the way that I wanted it to. Not only that, but it just seemed like the addition of the Sunset yarn made the whole thing a little too sparkly for me. While I didn't want the yarn to go to waste, I also didn't want to make something that wasn't going to become a loved part of my wardrobe.

So I set everything aside for a while, until this weekend, when I realized that I just don't have much in the way of new summer tops for work, and I started to wonder if the Clapotis would be better off on it's own. Sure enough, there are some simple and summery designs for it in the Phildar Tendences Printemps 2005 book that also contains the jacket pattern.

Phildar Raglan

Don't worry, I'll be avoiding the short skirt and the belly baring part of the experience. I selected this design because tt has light shaping and simple raglan sleeves, so it should be both flattering and relatively easy to make and assemble. It also doesn't call for more yarn than I have, so I can get started right away. Always a plus in my book.

After a few test runs, I finally got a swatch that came out at gauge (the swatch in the top right corner of the first picture). Even with big frou frou yarns, it seems that Phildar and I have wildly different tension expectations from 6mm needles. Want to know what this funky tape-style yarn looks like up close? Of course you do...

Clapotis Swatch Up Close

Enough color and texture to be interesting, not so much as to make someone think that I have molded actual cotton candy onto my form. I'm hoping this will be a win-win situation for both me and the yarn.