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Project: Celestine, by Nora Gaughn and Berroco (free pattern)
Yarn: Regia Kaffe Fassett Color 4451 and Regia Kaffe Fassett 4350
Needles:Grafton Fibers Darn Pretty Size 0 Double Points

I don't think I ever mentioned this project before now, even though it's been in my rotation since Christmas time when I decided I needed an excuse to buy some of the Regia sock yarns with the Kaffe Fassett colorways.  I picked two colorways that I thought co-ordinated a little bit -- one more easter eggy and one more boy-like in hopes that I would get a nice balance of colors.  I alternated points so there are 6 of each colorway.  I am almost 100% sure that I could get another Celestine out of what I have left over, but I think the remainders will become socks for Ms. Z since she is in need of some more socks.

When I started knitting Doddy, my original intention was that it be for my new nephew.  But when it became clear that Doddy was going to be quite large, I decided that it would be better as a toy for Ms. Z and I would find something else for Mr. C.  Celestine worked in sock yarn is just right for a smaller baby (size 0 needles gave me the perfect firm structure and let me stuff the thing relatively densely without having to worry that the polyfill would sneak out), both in size and washability.  And I hope the bright colors will be intriguing for a young baby as well.

20090310_CelestineClose.jpg This project is an easy knit, though it does take a little while -- I'd estimate that each point took me 45 minutes to an hour.  Which means that a dedicated person without a lot of distractions could probably knit it in a weekend.  The only fidgity part is the last point, which requires that you pick up 55 stitches around the last opening after you've stuffed the body of the toy.  But now that I've finished, if I didn't know which point I'd knit on last, I wouldn't be able to tell. 

Even though I've been enjoying seeing the completed version of this toy, and I've been tempted to take it to work to sit on my desk and make me smile, I've high hopes of getting it off into the mail so that it can get into the hands of the little person it was made for.