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Have A Ball

A few posts back, showed you 4 pentagons worked together and I asked you all to guess what I was working on.  There were several guesses that I was working on a ball.   That is exactly what I was doing.  In fact, I was working the Doddy pattern from the Winter 2007 issue of Knitty. The idea, as you might guess from the fact that it is made of yarn that is very similar to that of the Hemlock blanket, is that it was supposed to be a companion piece for the blanket.

But that is the hazard of knitting toys for another baby when your own baby is running about and very excited about what you are working on.  The project changes ownership. 

20081110_DoddyonHemlock.jpgI do have a few more reasons to justify the change than just the look in a pretty set of blue eyes.  First, it's quite large in the size I made it and unlikely to be the sort of toy that a newborn can manipulate.  By the time he is big enough, I will have had plenty of time to make him one of his own.  Second, I have a couple of other much better projects in the wings for a newborn.  And finally, Ms. Z loves her balls.  It's really hard for me not to cave in and give her things she can identify with words.  Especially when I know there is a long winter ahead and no more likely outdoor play days in the foreseeable future for a toddler who really likes to go outside.

Doddy Project Specs

Project: Doddy from the Fall 2007 Knitty
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed and Organic Cotton

My own personal touch to this project was to lay out the pentagons such that no two pentagons of the same color touched.  The colors are remnants from the Circles Stroller Jacket, Baby Bobbi Bear and the Hemlock Blanket (I guess that also makes it a fair gift for Z since three of the four remnant yarns are from projects for her). 

This ball looks very round in the picture, but the combination of movable fiberfill and cotton yarn means that it can take on all sorts of strange shapes.  I suspect it will also spend some of its life as a pillow and that round is not something that it will be very often.  But compared to other balls its size, this one is easy for a small person to grab and carry and it is a safe indoor playmate compared to the plastic balls that are also in our collection


Thanks to everyone for feedback, suggestions and general thoughts about the Hemlock Ring Blanket.  I'm definitely going to go ahead and block it and see how that goes.  If I've learned anything as a knitter, it's that until I've blocked something, it's not truly fair to pass judgement on it -- at least not from an aesthetic perspective. 

I've decided I need a backup plan in the baby gift category, so I came up with the idea of making a selection of knitted and crocheted cotton toys.  Ravelry was a big help in helping me locate some projects that I think could work well.  In the past, I've avoided most toys because so many of them have a lot of little pieces to knit tightly on small needles and then there is a bunch of fiddly sewing that always seems hard for me to get to look right.  But I'm going to give a few different things a try and then go with what I like best.  Here's the beginning of the first project:

20081030_3Pentagons.jpgThree pentagons made up in Blue Sky Alpacas cotton (the remnants from the Hemlock Blanket, the Circles Stroller Jacket that I made for Z, and Z's Bobby Bear).  Any idea what I might be making?

20081030_4Pentagons.jpgWhat if I show you 4 pentagons and let you know that this afternoon I added a 5th?

Happy Hallowe'en to everyone!

P.S. to those of you who like to see baby pictures.  John and Z and I had some family pictures taken by the same photographer who shot our wedding.  If you'd like to see some of them, he's posted a few to his blog.  To anyone in the Chicago area who is looking for a good photographer for family portraits or family candids, I recommend Roger highly.  The pictures on his blog are a small sampling of what he took and don't even include all of the good ones.  He was definitely able to capture some lovely moments with the baby.