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Mondo Cable Shell

Pattern: ChicKnits Mondo Cable Shell/Vest
Yarn: Goddess Yarns Phoebe -- 100% Alpaca
Needles: US Size 8 Inox/US Size 7 AddiTurbos
Size: 36"

Just in time for spring, I finished my Mondo Cable Shell.  Pretty sharp, eh?  It took me a lot longer to make my way through this pattern than it should have, mostly because I kept thinking that the Phoebe, which has no elasticity and seemed to work itself towards uneven stitches no matter what I tried, was really going to make it look like a hot mess.  And then, of course, I blocked it, the alpaca became one with the warm water and everything evened out, leaving a lovely garment behind. 

20110411_MondoCableShellSid.jpgBonne Marie's construction of this garment is an interesting (and I mean that in a good way) examination of top down construction.  I particularly liked how she started the cable process at the V neck.  Even with the clever construction, this is still a nice project for a new-to-cables knitter, or for something to work on while you relax in front of the TV with a cup of tea.  Not too hard, but enough details to keep you interested. 

Even though I like the vest (and can see making another out of a nice cotton yarn for the summer), the jury is still out for me on the yarn.  It is wonderful, warm and squishy and feels very rich. The color is delish. That said, aran weight alpaca is heavy and I worry that over time this garment will lose its shape.  I guess I'll just have to get some wear out of it and see.


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